Outdoor Spa

Spend a relaxing time enjoying the natural environment of Chichibu to the full, in a way only possible in an outdoor spa.

Tamagawa no Yu SatokaguraMen

Many festivals are held in Chichibu. This Satokagura spa was made in the shape of the Dashi festival wagons which are pulled around during the festivals.
As you soak in the hot water you can almost hear the sounds of festival singing and dancing coming from somewhere....

Iyashi no Yu YumetsuzuraLadies

Listening to the wind through the trees, the murmur of the river, and the chirping of birds, this spa must have been named with the desire to bathe as if in a dream.
Feel the presence of nature as your body relaxes.
To preserve the modesty of bathing ladies, the spa is hidden from the outside.

*The Grand Bath and the outside spas are not connected together.