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Hotel Guide

38 guest rooms (3 rooms with outside spa) Can accommodate up to 200 guests
Grand Bath and Outside Spa - Separate facilities for men and women
Banquet Rooms
Large and small banquet rooms are available / Can accommodate up to 300 guests


(1) Western style rooms (Standard rooms)

(2) Tamagawa no Yu Men “Satokagura”
"Hokutolite," designated as a Natural Monument, is a mineral that made Tamagawa Onsen in Akita Prefecture world famous. Hot water in a spa which has this mineral placed in it emits a high level of minus ions, and so is highly beneficial for those who suffer physical discomfort.

(3) Iyashi no Yu Ladies “Yumetsuzura”
In this outside spa guests can experience the three major elements of healing therapy "light", "sound" and "fragrance". You can relieve the weariness and stress of everyday life. Spend some precious moments with the natural environment of Chichibu, soaking in this uniquely charming spa which utilizes these three elements.

(4) Grand Bath Men “Yomatsuri Spa” (Hotel’s own hot spring)

(5) Grand Bath Ladies “Megami Spa” (Hotel’s own hot spring)


(1) Rooms with outside spa Kurenai - Asian Japanese style
Asian Japanese style room accented with red. Featuring a red ceramic bath.

(2) Rooms with outside spa Kaze - Modern Japanese style
Modern Japanese style rooms accented with blue. Enjoy a panoramic view of the gorge from the spacious terrace.

(3) Rooms with outside spa Ryoku - Traditional Japanese style
Pure Japanese style room accented with green. The extravagant bath is made from Japanese cypress.


(1) Shop
A wide range of Chichibu-made specialty goods are available.

(2) Lounge
Relax while gazing at Chichibu's natural scenery and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee.

(3) Club "Omoibashi "
An area that can be used for a variety of purposes such as dinner parties and afterparties.

(4) Banquet Hall "Kasho"
Capacity: 100 people
Can be used for dinner parties, meetings, trainings etc.


(1) Grand Banquet Hall "Todoroki"
Capacity: 200 people
Can be used for dinner parties, meetings, trainings etc.


(1) Japanese style rooms(About 27m²)
Spacious rooms of clean and relaxing design

(2) Japanese style rooms(About 22m²)
Views of Bukozan, the symbol of Chichibu, can be enjoyed from all of the rooms


(1) Convention Hall "Kirameki"
Capacity: Stand-up dining 500 people, Round tables 280 people
Can be used for dinner parties, meetings, trainings etc.

(2) Buko
A spacious room with pleasant views and a sitting room.

(3) Genyo
A totally Japanese space where you can even enjoy authentic green tea.